Make it easy for your customers to know why they need you.

  • We are experienced international sales professionals who understand the entire sales process from contact to contract.
  • Our sales-focused format successfully engages your customers with a clear understanding of the real value of your solutions.
  • Our ENG style allows you to get the right message directly to your prospects; whoever they are, wherever they are, at any time. 
  • Our format is a delivery system that puts your best message in front of people that you traditionally could not reach.

Successful sales communication is not what you show; it's what you say.   

We combine the verbal explanation with the visual application to define why your solutions are buyable.  

If you want your customers to know why they need you... Tell them. 

From your mouth to your customer’s ears.

ENG Production Style, Intelligent Video Presentation as a Primary Sales Tool and Why "One Best Presentation" is So Important:


ENG Style

We use an ENG (Electronic News-Gathering) style for our productions because we want to have a real-life impact on potential buyers.  You are breaking news to your customers, so this style only makes perfect sense.

The common production style for business video has been creative cinematic.  This format does not make much sense when selling because it creates a distance between your customer and the real impact of your solutions.  We are here to help you sell, not entertain.


Thinking The Sale

The only question for video in business is: "Does it help you sell?"  While most video companies make video to make a video; our sole focus is to design a primary presentation that sells.

Because video in business is only ever a sales tool (never a marketing tool), we work with our clients to determine exactly what must be said to build the best case for their solutions.  Your "one best presentation" must effectively declare the value of your solutions because one presentation may be your only chance.  

We want to present your solutions as buyable to get your prospects sitting down with you to discuss application as quickly as possible.

Your direct contacts will use your video to educate their colleagues that you will never meet.  In most cases this video presentation will be your only chance to speak directly to these very influential people.


"One Best Presentation"

Because you only get one chance to make a first impression, it is most valuable to define your competitive advantage from the start.  That is what we do for you.

Video's value in business is to set a proper foundation with customers from initiation.  We must be clear, concise and quick to present your operational advantage.  Video is an actual serious sales presentation; it is not a time to "dance" with your busy customer.


Why Are We Valuable to You?

Engage Your Customer

Everybody wants a better solution, but rarely are they ever actively looking for it.

It is your responsibility to put your message in front of your customers and directly engage with them.  You must make your customer recognize your value when he otherwise would ignore you, or even worse, not even know you exist.


Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Well-produced video is not only a powerful messaging tool; it is a high-power delivery system.

Video gets your effective message in front of people you traditionally could not reach.

Whether it’s engaging a prospect for the first time or communicating with influencers in advanced backroom discussions; solutions-focused video presentation gets your best message in front of the right people.


Video = Show + Tell

Tell your prospects why they need your solutions. 

As a CEO, what would you tell a prospect if you had their attention for 5 minutes?  Our interview-centered format efficiently defines who you arewhat you do and why your prospect needs you.

If you want someone to know something, just tell them.  The power of video as a business tool is not in what you show; it's in how you explain the benefits of your solutions.  Our executive interviews will get the focus on your words so that you can get your point across clearly, concisely and quickly.


Video as a Foundational Tool 

Our intelligent production design gives you a cornerstone presentation that lays out the best case for your solutions directly to decision makers and influencers whoever they are, wherever they are in the world and on-demand.

There is no better tool to control your message and set the sales trajectory than advanced executive video presentation.


Control the Dialogue Throughout the Sales Process

Our executive presentation format allows you to reach prospects around the world as if you are sitting directly in front of them.

Establish a human connection and tell them exactly what they need to know and show them exactly what they need to see to guide them directly into your sales process.


Help your distributors sell more effectively.

While it may seem like your distributors operate at your pleasure, they only ever do what is in their profitable interest.

It is incumbent upon you to give your distributors, agents and resellers the best tools to sell your solutions to their customers.  We give you the best tool to help them sell better from the moment they have your video in their hands.



  1. A conduit for delivering and controlling your message with prospects in all phases of the sales process.                      (From contact to contract)
  2. Providing pertinent information to technical and executive decision makers and influencers. 
  3. Getting your proper message into places where otherwise you could never reach.  

Every CEO, every day, is challenged with the question, “How do I get my prospects to see the value of our solutions?”  We work with CEOs to get your one best presentation in front of every prospect everywhere in the world.

All Video For Business Is Not Equal

Making Sales, Not Just Video

There are plenty of local companies in your area who will make you a pretty video.

We are more interested in helping you make sells than making just a video.  Because video in business doesn't making sense unless it actually helps you make business.


Virtual Trade Show

Because we focus on what we say in our productions, you are able to talk to your prospects as if they are standing in front of you.

We give you a 365 day virtual trade show that can go to any prospect, anywhere in the world. 


Sales Vs. Marketing

Marketing is the art of taking something simple and making it extravagant.  Sales is the ability to take something complicated and make it easy to understand.

We take the sales approach because your highly educated prospects demand straight-forward, direct information on the application and the operational value of your solutions.


A proper video presentation is your most effective worldwide sales tool.

Just as you would not hire a salesman without sales experience, why would you hire a company to make a primary sales tool who has no sales experience?

We have vast and qualified executive level sales experience in more than 60 countries and virtually every industry.


Flashy Vs. Effective

Flashy videos impress you much more than your customers.

We focus on presenting real, solid and useful information to guide your educated prospects into your buying process rather than hollywood-style presentations that forget to sell.


Does your video appeal to your paying customers?

Having a beautiful and fantastic video may please you and your team, but you are not buying your solutions.  

We help you present to your prospects' perspective.  Because you can't catch fish when you're using the wrong bait.


Your Prospects Are Smart

When dealing business to business, you are working with engineers and technical professionals who will always do their due-diligence.

  We work with you to build a sellable case for your solutions that appeals to both executives and technical professionals. 


One Shot.  Make It Count.

When selling around the world you're lucky if you get one chance to convince a prospect to do business with you.

Our executive video presentations are designed in every way to make the most of every single opportunity to sell.


Help your contact sell your solutions

In most cases, you are preparing your contact to sell his team on your solutions.

We work intelligently with CEOs to deliver the most effective foundational presentation to decision makers and influencers that you will never meet.


Conference Room Mentality

The ideas that we dream up in the comfort of the conference room have little merit without practical scrutiny. 

We work with you to sell directly to your customers perspective.


Video for B2B is not entertainment.

When your buyers are engineers, technical professionals and executives; you cannot play charades and waste their time.

Our productions give real information to make your solutions buyable to your buyers.


Successful Sales is Simple and Straightforward

There is a bad habit in modern business to bypass the easy way and take the "creative" approach.

We work with you to simplify your presentation to appeal to your buyers needs and avoid forcing them to play charades with your sales presentation.


The Right Questions and the Right Responses

While sales is similar in almost every industry, there are nuances and angles that must be addressed to achieve the best presentation.  

We help you design a strategy that puts your prospects face to face with your solutions and sets the best sales trajectory.


Reaching the Unreachable

There are many people throughout the sales process and behind the scenes that you don't get to talk with.

Our Executive Video Presentation format gives you a chance to speak directly and make your case to each of these influencers.


Taking Advantage of the Obvious

Marketing teams tend to over-dramatize simple solutions and make presentations that only have value on the surface. 

We focus on giving your prospects basic operational information so that they see your solutions as buyable rather than frivolous.


A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words?

While a picture may be worth a thousand words, they may not be the best words to communicate your solutions.

We design our productions to use the right words to direct your prospects into your sales process; not to allow them to draw their own conclusions about your solutions.

Our Experience and Expertise

As specialists in worldwide B2B communication we apply our wide-ranging experience in high-level international sales and major broadcast television production to produce executive presentations that sell better worldwide. 

Recognizing the proper building blocks of effective sales presentation and conducting intuitive interviews we are uniquely qualified to provide our clients with high-level English-language presentations that have unlimited worldwide application. 

We have production teams on 6 continents conducting broadcast-quality video shoots throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America, the Caribbean, Oceania, and South Africa. 

Our production professionals have produced and directed programming that has aired on top television networks such as:  CNBC, ESPN, BBC One (UK), CNN, CBC (Canada), Bravo, Discovery Health, Fox Business Network, the Sportsman Channel, Sun Sports, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox Sports Network and the Discovery Channel. 


Steve Schultz - President and Executive Producer

Steve has more than two decades of sales, marketing and media experience.  With a career that started in publishing, progressed through advertising, radio and into national television; Steve has developed proven methods for communicating effectively throughout the world.  With experience selling to and selling with CEOs in more than 60 countries in virtually every industry; Steve has real-life insight and understanding to help growing companies efficiently utilize their sales and marketing budgets with effectiveness and efficiency.

In media, Steve has produced and directed many corporate sales-focused video presentations as well as television shows that have aired on the CNBC, Fox Business Network, Bravo Network, We TV, WealthTV, Wedding Central and Directv.

A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, a community leader and an avid traveler; Steve Schultz understands the amazing results that solutions-oriented companies around the world can achieve with VOTWP's executive video presentation format coupled with FPF Sales Solutions.